Get Started at The Pet Grooming Academy

Getting started as a professional groomer is easy at the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy. Just follow the easy steps below to get started on your career now!

Print the Application to the Right

The first step in getting started at the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy is printing the application located to the right. Read the Application and contact us with any questions you may have. All costs for the program are included within the application along with the cancellation and refund policy. Complete the application.

Mail the Application and Registration Fee

Sign the application and be sure to also include your $150 Registration fee.

Prepare for Class!

Get ready for a fun, exiting and educating time! Classes run for 9 weeks 4 days a week. Dedication and discipline is needed but you will quickly see how enjoyable working with animals can be! You will learn in an actual groom shop and not a school classroom!

We are happy to announce that we now accept payment Paypal! Paypal provides 0% interest for 6 months!