Welcome to the Pet Grooming Academy

Located in the heart of Tampa Bay, The Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy offers a wide variety of pet grooming techniques and skills needed to excel as a professional groomer.

You will learn to maintain care, and handle pets in preparation for working in a salon or in the pet grooming industry as a manager, handler, or entrepreneur. Our curriculum includes hands-on experience working in our own grooming salon, The Yuppy Puppy. Upon successful completion of the program and meeting all course requirements, you will recieve a diploma that will open the door to one of today's most exciting and fulfilling careers.

Get Started at the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy, Inc.

It's easy to get started at the Tampa Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy. The process is laid out in three steps that are quick and easy to follow. In no time, you can be on your way to a fun and exciting career in pet grooming! So come join us in an actual groom salon and learn from the best.

Meet the Instructor at the Pet Grooming Academy

Our Instructor has years of experience, and is ready to help you succeed. Come learn from the very best in the industry and see why the Tampa Bay Are Pet Grooming Academy is one of the top schools for pet grooming.

Full Groomers

I went to this school and so did my daughter. We came home and applied for jobs and had to do test grooms. We were both hired that day. Two different salons. You can't go wrong with this school. If you are considering it, you should go for it. The owner, Shan, and the staff are awesome!!

- Christy Jenkins Rodgers